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Land of the Nama and the San, shakes off winter's bite and covers the vast arid spaces with symphonies of floral splendour. The land of the Nama is the Creator's playground a kingdom of contrasts where beauty and a rigorous climate pool mysterious forces to create a natural wonderland. Experience the mystery and wonder of the star-studded night, from the South African Astronomical Observatory in Sutherland where the clear Karoo sky shows millions of stars.
Nama Culture – Alexander Bay
Visit the four communities of the Richtersveld namely Eksteenfontein, Lekkersing, Kuboes and Sanddrift situated on the banks of the Orange River.
Ai-Ais/RichterveldTransfrontier National Park
A desolated and for bidding landscape, seemingly devoid of life, except for some people dotting along the horizon. Miniature rock gardens, perfectly designed by nature, cling precariously to cliff faces. This is a harsh and unpredictable land where water is scarce and life-sustaining moisture comes in the form of early morning fog – called "Ihuries" or Malmokkies" by the local people – which rolls in from the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean whish sustaining a remarkable range of small reptiles, birds and mammals. A staggering assortment of plant life, some species occurring nowhere else, is to be found here, with gnarled quiver trees, tall aloes and quaint "half-mens" keeping vigil over this inscrutable landscape.
Giant Blue Gum Tree and Oaks – Brandvlei
160 years old Giant Blue Gum Tree and Oaks old with diameters of 8m. There are also two oak trees older than 100 years.
Verneukpan – Brandvlei
Famous salt pan where in 1929 Sir Donald Campbell driving his Bluebird One failed to break the world land speed record of 372km/h. He only reached 351 km/h. Verneukspan at 56km long and 10km wide is the largest pan in Bushmanland covering an enormous 27 000ha.
Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve – Calvinia
On the route R63 to Loxton lays this protective reserve with many Karoo plant species and it the home to gemsbok, black wildebeest, zebra and springbok.
Leliefontein&Nourivier – Kamieskroon
In some areas the local Nama families are still living in traditional Matjieshuise reed huts. Many still based around the mission.
Namaqua National Park
A tapestry of brilliant colours unfolds enticingly along the winding roads of the Namaqua National Park. Every turn in the road paints an unforgettable picture with valleys filled with Namaqualand daisies and other spring flowers that pulse with sheer energy and joy. With its winter rainfall, Namaqualand is home to the richest bulb flora of any arid region in the world and more that a 1000 of the estimated 3500 plant species are found nowhere else on earth.
Seal Colony – Kleinzee/Koiingnaas
Seal colony with more than 450 000 animals on the admiralty.
Kokerboom Forest – Nieuwoudtville
The forest is a unique sight with an awe-inspiring landscape.
Nieuwoudtville Waterfall – Nieuwoudville
12km north of town a wonderful 100 meter wonder on the Doring River. Nesting booted and Black Eagles, Gymnogene, Lanner Falcons and Black Storks have been observed in this surrounding.
Wild Flower Reserve - Nieuwoudville
Wild Flower reserve was founded in 1974 for the purpose of preserving unique flora of the district which consist of115ha of Renosterveld and dolerite dyke. This area displays of over 500 000 endemic Bulbinella.
Council tree – Springbok
Old Milkwood tree 20km south along the N7 route. Nama leaders met here to discuss and resolve matters of tribal value. Executions were also carried out.
Kinderle – Steinkopf
The mass grave of the 32 Nama children who was massacred by Khoisan while the elders attending a church service.
Tankwa Karoo National Park
The 80 000 hectare Tankwa National Park was proclaimed in 1986 and is still in a development stage, it is currently a veld recovery phase and it will be some time before the original vegetation re-establishes itself.

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